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Parts of my job that suck:

I have been waiting since Wednesday for a client to be induced.
Her doctor and the Hospital keep telling her "as soon as we can fit you in"
She has enough health issues that this baby needs to come sooner rather than later, but still she's waiting for the hospital's convience.
I am broke enough right now that my cell phone is off line so I have to stay home while I wait, also Louise can't go to work 'cause I need both the car and her to watch the kids.
This is getting tedious for me, I can't imagine how my client must feel, but I keep trying to boost her moral and keep her going.
I *love* homebirths, and I hate obstricians and hospitals for the way they treat people. For this client, homebirth is not a safe or reasonable choice, I just wish the hospital was treating her with more respect instead of telling "wait and see" every time she calls. She's somewwhat worried about her baby's health at this point, they could be a little more reasurring, it wouldn't take much.
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